Cash Flow Management

Keep on top of your business’s finances.

Wouldn’t it be nice if running your business was nothing but money coming in? Every company has expenses and creditors, and having a positive cash flow isn’t always a given. Finding yourself with more cash flowing out of your business than flowing in causes more than stress – it can result in angry creditors and suppliers and the potential for your business to fail.



We provide the following for all software systems

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you’ve had to borrow money to make payroll, then you need BAM Virtual Bookkeeping’s cash flow management service. With our advisors’ help, you will better understand your cash needs and the various sources available to you for meeting them. Maintaining a positive cash flow provides several benefits, including positive relationships with your creditors and lenders, and we make that possible by developing both short-term and long-term cash flow projections to help you to anticipate cash needs from week to week and for as long as five years into the future.

Maintaining positive cash flow and preventing shortfall crises is essentially a matter of understanding where your money is going and where your money has gone in the past, so in addition to preparing projections, we’ll look back and prepare historical statements from which you can learn trends. In addition to that, we’ll help you with all the pieces that can improve your cash flow, including obtaining reliable and reputable lines of credit, accelerating your cash collection techniques and putting effective policies into place, creating a payment schedule and approach that works for your business, and making the most of your idle cash.

If you’re like most small business owners, you wear many hats while attempting to make your business as successful as possible.  You work an abundance of hours trying to bring in business for eight or more hours a day to have, then spend additional hours figuring out your financial situation.

 For example, you may be responsible for managing inventory, communicating with clients, dealing with complaints, and handling your business’s financial aspects.

In many cases, business owners take on all these responsibilities simply because they don’t believe they can bring in experts to help them with these essential tasks. Unfortunately, all this multi-tasking can cause problems for your business, especially regarding your finances.

Introducing Cloud Accounting

  • Also known as online accounting, cloud accounting is the method of using software applications and computer hardware to complete accounting online. Information is sent to the cloud, processed, and returned to the user.
  • Cloud accounting offers many benefits for both entrepreneurs and their accountants. The two can collaborate better and work together more accurately. It gives both sides greater insight into the numbers and cash flow with accessibility, advanced security technology, live updates, bug fixes, and real-time facts and figures. Farewell to Paperwork.
  • Cloud accounting takes the paperwork out of the equation for entrepreneurs and their accountants. Everything is stored in cloud services and apps. This means that it takes less time for business owners and their accountants to find, file, and analyze documents. When compared to traditional accounting methods, cloud accounting is a no-hassle paper solution. It’s also efficient and green.
  • Real-Time Facts and Figures.
  • Business owners can also update bookkeeping data in real-time. This keeps the information up-to-date and allows accountants to work with the current facts and figures. Both entrepreneurs and their accountants get an accurate snapshot and more insight into what’s currently happening in the financial arena.